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"D-Town Underground"
Indigenous Dancehall/Jungle/Hip Hop Featuring:

D.J. Tribal Touch (Dine'):  The Church Rez-O-Dent.

SHATTA-I (Coushatta):  Locorado Dance Hall Flavor.

Julian B. (Muscogee):  Revolution, Redolution, Rezolution... 

Rezofficial (Cree):  Canada Superproducers Hook Up w/ Kool-Ayd (Karmen Omeesoo) 

The L.E.I. (Haida/Samoan):  Seattle’s Lady Express Pro-Am B-Ball Break Down The North-West Lyrics Jazz


Niko Black (Apache):  Niko Black brings a buzz  big like California Love.

D.J. Abel (Dine'):  Waxmaster From Arizona.
Deph Killa and Highdro (Lakota and Arapaho):  Impresion De Lakota Represento Recommendo The Rez-O.

Strictly Native Entertainment (Apache/ Pomo):  Brothers Btaka And Rollin Fox Deliver South Arizona

Native Hip Hop.

Dojo (Everything Flows):  D-Town Trip-Hop Dojo Style. 

Hotep (Indios): Island Dance Hall/ Reggae  Selecta!

Tribal Live (Dine'): 2003 Native American Music Award Winners for Best Hip Hop Artists.


All Ages Tickets $7.00  Security Provided By Broken Leg Security.  D-Town Logo by

Mercury Cafe 2199 California St, Denver Colorado
The Capital of Engine America.



If show is cancelled due to weather etc. it will be rescheduled.  No refunds, no exchanges

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