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Lyrikota Imprint: Experimental Sound Design, Independent Song Writing, and Indigenous Music Production
by Robert Beauvais Written 01/04/2014 Published to Rosebud Or Beyond International Business 01/04/2014 Economist GMAT Tutor
"Placing a hit song in the top 100 of the Billboard record charts while maintaining some cultural significance is the mission of the Lyrikota Imprint recording team."

Lyrikota Imprint, Lakota Imprint, Lakota Empire

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The Indigenous record label Lyrikota Imprint was originally known as Lakota Imprint or Lakota Empire when it began around March of 2000. Lakota Imprint began with a contemporary compact disc release: the March 2000 album compilation, "Lakota Empire" which features several Indigenous music artists (like The Atoll and Shawdowyze to name a few). Like many other self made Independent music organizations (such as "No Limit Records", or "Cash Money Records"), Lyrikota Imprint is an area known distributor of high quality digital electronic music. Lyrikota Imprint is currently promoting the 2013 and 2014 song releases for their artist 'SteakNFries". Shop Inkjet Replacement Cartridges at - Save up to 85%!


SteakNFries music first became available on the World Wide Web in late December of 2013. You can find SteakNFries music on digital audio websites like: Youtube, Soundcloud, and Myspace. SteakNFries is accepting treatment submissions for future videos of new song releases. Innovative sounds and songs is the original company motive which precedes the essential mission of the Lyrikota Imprint recording organization. The Lyrikota Imprint mission is to invent, evolve, and innovate new hit music and hit music formulas in order to compete with other companies in the industry like: "Universal Music" or "Interscope Records". Drinking water filters

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Placing a hit song in the top 100 of the Billboard record charts while maintaining some cultural significance is the mission of the Lyrikota Imprint recording team. It's ok to eat, breath, and sleep what you love, and here at Lyrikota Imprint we love the pursuit of the number one hit. Independent song writing, Independent music, and independent music production services are the products Lyrikota Imprint markets. In addition to marketing consumer products Lyrikota Imprint offers recording and other business production services like graphic design and website construction. Shop SWIMWEAR at Swimsuits Direct. Wide selection, all sizes.

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Lyrikota Imprint can offer advice, assistance, or produce official and/or unofficial music and other miscellaneous audio recording projects. Lyrikota Imprint will give solicited opinions about music or music projects and/or produce music projects from scratch, from start to finish. The recording team at Lyrikota Imprint can achieve their aspirations by helping other artists realize their full creative potential. Indigenous media production is a market niche that Lyrikota Imprint successfully thrives in. Dreadnought Spartan DE Razor

Authentic Indigenous artistry is what Lyrikota Imprint can consistently deliver to new and international audiences. Experience and a continuous relationship with the North American Indigenous community is what Lyrikota Imprint offers its business colleagues and clients. Conscious and creatively rich songs and music are staples of the Lyrikota Imprint product line. Considering their cutting edge sound delivery, collaboration with Lyrikota Imprint on your future music project will no doubt make you known in the entertainment industry. Contact Lyrikota Imprint today and get the Mile High Badlandz style on your next audio project. Visit Lyrikota Imprint today at Author Robert Beauvais is from Colorado and South Dakota, contact if you are interested in having Robert Beauvais write about or for your next project. #1 Automated Web Design Software for Blogs, CMS and Portals. Generate templates for Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.